Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Blog is Born

So here we are.

Wanna-be authors inevitably create a blog.  Why?  We're told we need a platform.  We don't know what that means exactly but we desperately want to share our preciouses with the world.  So blindly we grope to discover ways of connecting with our potential future readers.

And this is my version of that.

A couple ground-rules for this blog:
  • It's a blog about the process of writing my novels.  If my novels are ever published and people care to read them, it will expand to include related topics.
  • My novels are neither political allegories nor are they designed to be political statements.  Therefore, this blog will not be about politics.  Is there anything grosser than celebrity--or unknown author--rants on politics?  Rants do not intend to be persuasive.  Their purpose is to use the author's platform to push some "truth" on all the idiots who just don't get it (and for like-minded people to pat themselves on the back).  No ranting on this blog.  The singular exception is this rant on ranting.
  • One does not simply blog about writing epic fantasy fiction without referencing Tolkien.  It is folly.  Assume my post titles are the work of professor Tolkien or are referencing his work in some way.
  • I will post regularly.
  • Let's keep it civil in the comments.

Enjoy the ride.

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