Monday, November 24, 2014

Shortcuts make long delays

yWriter software

A gentleman called Simon Haynes, an author and a programmer, has written yWriter software and made it available on his website for FREE.  Yes I know you'll still incur the opportunity cost for spending your time checking his site out here and for maybe checking out a couple of the many youtube introductory videos to the software. 

But it shouldn't take longer than around 30 minutes to get a feel for what the software offers (incredible organizational tool for authors) so I highly recommend looking into the software.

I downloaded it and am in the process of transferring my Blind Guardian files--database population time!  This is going to take a while.  But, in my case, that will be a good thing as organization has never been my strong point and I have notes, scenes, and research spread across a desktop, a laptop, and about 7 notebooks filled with scribbling.  At first, I was frustrated that I was spending hours adding characters into the database.  Once the characters were added and I had the fun of having a designated place to put all the random info related to characters (description/bio/notes/inspirational picture of the character!) I quickly realized how much time this will save in the long run.  yWriter is a powerful database that puts all your novel info at your fingertips, I'm loving it more every hour I spend with it. 

If shortcuts make long delays then sometimes the long way around must be the most direct.

In the unlikely event Simon ever visits this page, a thousand thank yous are in order. 

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