Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The things that keep us writing

So this is a very happy post.

My cousin and his fiancee have both finished their first novels!  I can't wait to read their stories, they're some of the most imaginative people I know.  I've been privy to some advanced reading and can guarantee readers are in for a good time!

Every so often my cousin will send me a text asking how my progress is going and telling me he's looking forward to reading more.  That kind of encouragement is invaluable when you're working on a novel.  I'm certain that kind of support is one of the reasons why both of them have been able to finish their novels (and why his mother, my aunt, is on the brink of finishing hers!)  Finishing a novel is a huge accomplishment.  That's why I'm here yakking about my journey and probably why you're here reading about somebody else's journey to getting published.  So if you find yourself struggling to finish your book and you don't have people around who can encourage you, go out and find some people on whom you can rely.  I wouldn't have done that on my own if I didn't have family that was all writing fantasy novels.  That would have been a huge mistake.  Support is invaluable.  Make sure you have some!

Back to those fresh new novels.

My purpose in this blog was not to advertise or critique other novels, but based on the above I think you can understand why I'm pleased to advertise their novels here.

My cousin's is entitled Riddle of Regicide and is available now for preorder on Amazon as an ebook for $2.99.  You can preorder here.

Riddle of Regicide blurb:

Draxin Stormgarde awakens in the Thieves Guild with no memory of his past, no memory of his family. After being forced into training with Yortaz the evil jester, Draxin learns that the Thieves Guild is plotting to assassinate the king. And he's the person they expect to do it.

During a raid gone awry, Draxin escapes and meets Ravelin, a mysterious royal agent tasked with protecting the king. Together, they race against time to stop the Thieves Guild before the king arrives in town for the annual Elk Day Festival.

Throughout his quest to save the king and unearth the demons of his past, Draxin must outwit a menagerie of fearsome beasts and sinister villains to keep from literally losing his head.

Will Draxin solve the riddle of regicide in time to save the king, or will Yortaz and the Thieves Guild prevail?

His fiancee's is entitled Curse of the Moira and is also available for preorder on Amazon as an ebook for $2.99.  You can preorder here.
Curse of the Moira blurb:

In a world filled with darkness, three races clash. Tension between the divinares, brutarians, and humans has been brewing for years and war is imminent. In this twisted tale of friendship, love, betrayal, and fate, you'll follow the journey of a young woman, Mahlia, as she discovers what it truly means to be a divinare. Mahlia is the last of her race to be born with the gift of sight, but doesn't know what this power entails.

As symbols predicting the future ignite on her skin, she must escape from the Iron Gates, where she's been imprisoned for over half her life, and journey across the realm to find the answers she seeks. But will she have time to learn the symbols' meaning before chaos is unleashed?

You can follow Saxa on her author blog here

As an aside, they did their own cover art and totally blew me away!  If Ryan and Saxa are reading this, best of luck, you two, and I look forward to reading parts of your next books in the very near future!

Here's to our supporters and the things that keep us writing!

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