Wednesday, November 19, 2014

You never know where the road might lead

It's been six months since I last posted here.  A thousand apologies to anyone who would have liked to hear more about my journey.  The truth is that I haven't touched my manuscript in that time.  Life has a way of making you feel busy.

Since last time, I've decided to leave attorney work behind me.  Instead, I'm headed back to school to do the thing I always should have done in the first place:  economics.  It was always the subject that stirred my passions and which felt "important".  As a naive college student, the dollar signs that everyone associates with attorneys turned my head and I went to law school instead of continuing with economics.  My experience in law left me completely disenchanted.  I had expected to be a warrior for truth and justice.  Instead I was expected to be calculating in maximizing billable hours and a proponent of truth only so long as it was relevant to the case I was building.  

But there's no time like the present to correct past mistakes and so I've set off on the path toward a new career and the long term uncertainty that goes with a career change.

So now I'm a student once again, while also learning to be a teacher (on evenings and weekends I'm an LSAT instructor for a Test Prep company).  Which is perfect because while my primary purpose in getting my econ PhD is to do research, I am very interested in being the best teacher of economics that I can be.

My professional life has been marked by a niggling thought:  success in this world may be mutually exclusive with idealism.  I'm hoping to find an outlet for my idealism in academia, but I fear politics and pragmatism rule every realm under the sun.  Perhaps that is why I write, so that I may carve out a place for heroicism to flourish.  What do you think?  Can you be idealistic and successful at the same time?

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