Thursday, December 18, 2014

Help Must Come to Us

Yes I know I've used a quote from the movie and not the book, but we'll just have to make do with the lesser of two inspirations today.

I've been looking at the pacing of Blind Guardian today, paying particular attention to the ebbs and flows of action sequences.  I'm reminded of The Return of the King movie, where Pippen and Gandalf are on the balcony watching the darkness approach.  It is the deep breath before the storm and it builds tension like crazy.

While I'm working on the deep breaths of my story, here's what I'll be listening to:

Jeremy Soule is fantastic.  You may notice that I listen to a fair amount of video game music.  You'd be right to notice that.  To the uninitiated, the "video game" modifier for "music" might draw a laugh and an inference that the art is silly or cheap but I promise you nothing could be further from the case.  Have a listen and see if you agree.

Bonus LotR art after the break (found it posted on goodreads, I think it's the work of Jian Guo )

Jian Guo is a freaking master; this stuff is so perfect for LotR.  I'm not sure if he sells prints of these or not but if you love them like I do it might be worth wandering around his deviantart page.  There is a lot of incredible art there.  If I won the lottery and built a personal library you can bet these would be turned into stained glass windows for that library. 

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