Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inspirational Soundtracks

One of the things that gets my writing juices flowing is music.  Soundtracks, in particular.  As my Blind Guardian process continues to chug along, I've been especially drawn to certain pieces when writing certain scenes or characters.

Some examples:

Marstan Raymur, Petranth of Arms Bearer.  Undefeated in battle. 

Tarken Blaise, aka Bear.  Creature Petranth Bearer.  Mountain of a man.

Amalia Onirolith (last name pronounced "oh-NEE-roh-lith"), Bearer of the Far Sight Petranth

Lojax Brontide's character arc

Petranth Bearers' story after the Scatterstone Vision

Deadpool Cave; anonymous gathering place for necromancers

As an aside, Shyamalan's films have always made me feel.  Few films do that successfully, and I think his films are hugely underrated.  Also, Paul Giamatti should be much better known than he is.

I'll stop with those six videos but I could go on all day.  Every important character is connected to at least two inspirational videos in my mind, sometimes more.  Some of the minor characters are too.

What about you?  If you have a favorite, or just one that was especially useful in your writing, post it in the comments!

Actually, I can't resist sharing two other favorites (these are too good to keep to myself):

Lojax joins his father's cause and descends into the shadowy world of necromancy

Lojax must, in the end, make a choice between imperfect alternatives and live with the costs of his decision

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